Accessability of iOSview

I just created a Sample project with an iOStabbar and a few iOSviews (all on design time). All works fine except accessing properties of and iOSview from other iOSviews or modules. For example this piece of code for reading the property “CurrentRow” I added to iOSview “viewBuildingFunction” in my project.

Dim BuildingFunction As Integer
BuildingFunction = viewBuildingFunction.CurrentRow

I get compile error “viewBuildingFunction, This item does not exist” or “Static Reference to Instance Method. Call this on an instance of class viewRoom.viewRoom” (in this case accessing the Text Property of a TextEdit control in the iOSview). Aren’t the iOSviews automatically instantiated when the APP launches?

Can some please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance

Sorry for bothering. Found a good solution in this thread

What a great forum we have!