Access to mysql

When trying to login to db error 2026. Please anyone know what to do with it. Xojo 2020R1

Are you trying to connect to a non-SSL-Secured Server with activated SSL?
Or maybe you are trying to access a SSL Secured Server without a or without the correct CA Certificate?

The provider says it doesn’t have ssl enabled. Z C-scharp works as standard

Session.db = new MySQLCommunityServer

Session.db.Host = str(“”).ConvertEncoding(Encodings.SystemDefault)
Session.db.Port = 3306
Session.db.Username = str(“trutechcshopxx”).ConvertEncoding(Encodings.SystemDefault)
Session.db.Password = str(“xxxxxxx”).ConvertEncoding(Encodings.SystemDefault)
Session.db.DatabaseName = str(“trutechcshop”).ConvertEncoding(Encodings.SystemDefault)

What happens if you add: Session.db.SSLEnabled = False ?

And you should replace those .ConvertEncoding(Encodings.SystemDefault) to the used encoding (like .ConvertEncoding(Encodings.UTF8)) :wink:

Have you tried connecting with MySQL Workbench? This helps determine if the problem is in your code or Xojo, or something with the server or network.

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Follow this advise please, @Frantisek_Jesatko. We use mysqlCommunityServer for many, many mysql environments and it works just fine. Most if not all cases in which i had issues, it was the server config or my own lack of knowledge :wink:

Can you access this database using Navicat or any other DB tool ?

Hi ,
After testing the connection settings to the mysql server in xojo, I have no results. So I took the connection parameters and set the visual studo in the Winforms studio without any problems, the connection I made in WebForms also works. So the problem is in the Xojo, but I don’t know where.

Can you please add:

   Session.db.SecureAuth = False
   Session.db.SSLEnabled = False

and try again?

connection error 2026 being tested

I also have this problem with the MBSdatabase plugin

Ok. Maybe it’s just an old unpatched server… (MySQL Bugs: #9270: multiple SSL race conditions)

provider says ssl is not activated

I’ sorry, but i have no more ideas. All i can say is we use the mysqCommunityPlugin with various local and remote connections/servers and have no issues. We use MBS only for MSSQL connections.

Thank you I also use it in more places and it always works here it’s a problem of the provider I solve it with it but I don’t want to do anything

Now provider says openssl is activated

With xojo 2015R2.1 everything works as possible