Access to MySQL and settings

Hi team, I’m reading about using a MySQL database with Xojo, I would like to make the switch from Microsoft Access to MySQL. I was reading in the documentation that I should install a local MySQL server? Some advice ? (Remember I’m an enthusiast and not a programmer, something easy :slight_smile: ) Thanks.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but could you maybe ask a narrower question? :slight_smile:

Certain. I’m speaking from someone who doesn’t know how to manage a MySQL database. I converted my access to MySql through an application and I wanted to understand how it behaves in Xojo. I’ve been reading some info and I should install a local server to manage the database, which in practice should give me the address where to reside the database. I have vague memories of a similar thing being done with ASP, but honestly I don’t remember. I think you need to install something to handle the MySQL database, before connecting it into XOjo.

Hi Fede,
if you take a look at the first link of post, you will learn how to install what you need to use MySQL: MySQL Server, MySQL Workbench (to manage your databases) and MySQL Shell.

Hi Nedi, I was doing this.
Now I see the video, from what I understand I have to download the file from the MySQL site where there will be the MySQL server that will allow me to interact with the database. You never stop learning :slight_smile:

The big problem that I’m experiencing, for my purposes, is in the management of the Access database under Linux. I can’t connect it because of the ODBC drivers which under Linux is a problem. Let’s hope it’s better with MySQL.

Linux and MySQL are good friends!!!


Will the database be accessed from more than one computer? If not, you could use SQLite instead and thereby have no need for a server at all.

Hi Tim, I’ve moved the question to a new post, to avoid problems.
However, I use MySQL and not SQLlite. I don’t know if they are the same thing.

I’m just saying that, if you only access the database from one computer, you can avoid having a server by using SQLite. If you access it from many remote computers, or will be when your application is deployed, then stick with mySQL.

OK understood. Actually I have this database that I would like to become accessible from PCs on the home network, from 3 PCs. Which is more recommended SQlite or MySQL ? (Excuse my ignorance, but these are databases I’ve never used before)

From more than one machine means mySQL. For more information about SQLite see:

Appropriate Uses For SQLite