Access for the Mac

Microsoft offers Office 365 for the Mac which includes Access 2013. Does anyone know how to connect to it from xojo?

Pretty sure there’s no Access in any edition of Office for the Mac (365 or not).
I literally just updated my ancient copy last night and there’s definitely no Access for Office on OS X.
If you go to

note 3 says
3 Application availability and features vary by platform and device. Publisher, Access and OneNote available on PC only.

I’m using AppleScript to Access Office apps from Xojo, which works quite well. Office apps have a pretty powerful AppleScript implementation.
Choose File->Open Dictionary from the AppleScript Editor to see what scripting is available for the different Office apps.

AppleScript Overwiew
An older version of a manual for Word can be found here:
Word 2004 AppleScipt Manual
Microsoft Support
MacScripter community
AppleScript on Wikibooks

I’d also recommend having a look at the AppleScripting examples coming with the MBS plugins:

Unfortunately, there is no Access in the Office for the Mac suite. Have a look in the discussions

You could still connect to it. Some people use an Access JDBC driver to connect from Mac via our Java plugin.

See third line.
The description of the contents of the Office 365 package is incredibly confusing and IMO too suggestive.

With the Access file on the Mac?

Sure. If you have ODBC or JDBC driver for Mac to access Access, it will work on Mac.

I did not know that. Interesting…

Here’s one - but its READ ONLY

[quote=17326:@Andre Kuiper]See third line.
The description of the contents of the Office 365 package is incredibly confusing and IMO too suggestive.[/quote]

Your right. In my exuberance to be able to access my access files from xojo I skipped that line.

I think I might be the person Christian was referring to when mentioning the JDBC driver route.
You can read and write to an Access file on your mac by using a JDBC to MDB driver - I used this one

With a little help from Christian to get the connection string in the right format it was fairly simple after that and works quite quickly too.

Let me know if you have any more questions.