Acces Denied

Up to a month ago using the MBS CURL plugin
I was able to view the files placed in a folder on my site on a listbox and after selecting a file I was able to download the file, lately I cannot view the contents of the folder, it gives me access denied, while for the download I do not I have problems.
the code used is that of the example shown on the plugin.
dim s as string
dim e as integer
dim dcur as new CURLSMBS

dim NewPath() as string
dim u as integer = UBound(path)
if NewPathComponent = “…” then
u = u -1
end if
for i as integer = 0 to u
NewPath.Append path(i)
if NewPathComponent <> “…” then
NewPath.Append NewPathComponent
end if

dim NewPaths as string = Join(NewPath, “/”)
if NewPaths <> “” then
NewPaths = NewPaths + “/”
end if

dcur.CollectDebugData = true
dcur.CollectOutputData = true
dcur.OptionVerbose = true

dcur.OptionURL = “ftp://www.mysite/myfolder/” + NewPaths

dcur.OptionUsername = “”
dcur.OptionPassword = “yyyy”
dcur.OptionDirListOnly = true
e = dcur.Perform
select case e
case 0
s = dcur.OutputData
file insertion code in the listbox

case 9
MsgBox “Access denied”
end select
Some solutions?

You have switch on the collection of debugger data

dcur.CollectDebugData = true

What is the debugging log showing? It sounds like the access rights on your server might have changed but you will get a clearer error message from the log.

Thanks Muller, I solved it by resetting the permissions on the folder