Absolute url from relative url?

Maybe I am blind, or just too dumb to do it, but is there any function in xojo to create an absolute url from a relative url? And if not, does anybody know a plugin doing that?

NSURLMBS or CFURLMBS do that for MacOS.
You can also use CURLSURLMBS/CURLNURLMBS/CURLURLMBS class cross platform.

Thanks a lot, Christian!

Hm… when I have a url “http://domain.com/folder/page1.htm”, and a relative url “page2.htm”, it should create “http://domain.com/folder/page2.htm”, but it creates “http://domain.com/page2.htm”, like the relative url was “/page2.htm”. How can I replace just the page name, and how can I use relative urls like “…/…/page2.htm”?

This works fine:

[code]Dim c As New CURLSURLMBS

// load absolute URL
c.URL = “http://domain.com/folder/page1.htm

// load relative URL
c.URL = “page2.htm”

// get final URL
MsgBox c.URL[/code]

I think you could probably just do something like this:

dim paths() as String = split(path, “/“) Dim urls() as String = split(url, “/“) While ubound(paths) > -1 Select case paths(I) Case “.” // ignore this Case “..” Urls.remove(ubound(urls)) Case Else Exit while End Select Paths.remove(0) Wend Dim newurl as String = join(urls, “/“) + “/“ join(paths, “/“) Newurl = replaceall(newurl, “//“, “/“)