About the sqlitedatabase Page

The page located here is in the Reference››iOS Framework and displays a lot of iOS entries in the left pane.

Is it the iOS documentation page for SQLiteDatabase (Class) or simply mislocated ?

BTW: you never had teachers using Xojo, haven’t you ?
(Why ? SQLiteDatabase uses SQLite 3.8.8., and I do *)

When I was working at Apple France, I got asked for some software updates and then, some days (weeks) ago, I was asked why some images files disappears; “You understand, I am following the printed manual tutorial, and I do not have these files in the update disk”.
I sent them the image (in these pre-internet times) and created a brand new master with the original images to avoid all these troubles.
You may now understand why, sometimes, I am talking about the documentation.

One of those spots where there are two of them with the exact same name (classic framework & new framework)
The Classic one is at http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/SQLiteDatabase or http://developer.xojo.com/sqlitedatabase-classic
The new one at http://developer.xojo.com/sqlitedatabase