About the Navigator hierarchy


You can see in the image I already shared (see link below) that the Navigation pane have many expanded entries.

This can be my usual way of doing, but I loose that at quit time (or not rebuild at load time).

Do you also have that or is it a local trouble only ?

Link to the image:

I may be misinterpreting your question, but If what you’re asking is, “When I open a project that I’ve saved, does the hierarchy of the Navigator restore to exact the same way I had it (same items expanded/contracted) when I saved the project?”, then the answer is no, or maybe more accurate to say “not completely”, for me also (using 2014r2.1 and Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit). The Navigator does open with the last item I was working on (had selected and highlighted in the Navigator when I last closed/quit the project) still selected no matter how deeply it is nested in the Navigator tree view (meaning whatever tree view node(s) needed expanded to show that one item were expanded), but nothing else that had been expanded in any of the nodes of the hierarchy at the time of close/quit remained that way. I hope that all makes sense.

I’ve asked this before, years ago maybe. Maybe I am the only guy who does not know how to do this and it’s a hidden feature (basic to my eyes), but can we have a fast way of doing a “Collapse all” and a “Collapse All except the current focused branch” ? Sometimes we expand things, touch contents, go to other places, expand and touch contents, etc and after a while we have mess of open branches. What is the [Ctrl/Command]+[Collapse All except the current focused branch in this current view]?

And yes Emile, if you reload a project it does not maintain the exact past views of the open tabs.

I think there’s an FR for this one
In the OS X Finder in list view its usually option click that opens the item & all items in it
There may be one that is collapse every thing else but I dont know it off the top of my head

Expand / Collapse all:

If this is done on the selected object only (or all if none selected for example), it can be good to get that.

But I was talking about “saving / restoring” the navigator state at close / open time (like wrote Rick above); sorry for my bad English.

Sometimes it is good to get back the project in the state you close it. In my case (current case), I only have one window, so this would help greatly.