About the LR

I just used the LR, it’s from charybdis to scylla.

With ListBox (I suppose it is DesktopListbox…)
Using the For Each syntax is nice, but we have to store our own iterator for Row. (no Row.ID to get the Row #).

No iterator for the columns, so I use a standard loop inside the Row Iterator.

And I get the data in the reverse order.

Unable to copy the current page in the Language Reference (so I can search text from the current page)…

I ask to get data for Graphics, I get EVERYTHING (as usual): mobile, web, etc. Hey Xojo, I asked Graphics, give me Graphics for my project not for who knows what…

what “backing store coordinates” means ? (Graphics.ScaleX)

All of these in less than 5 minutes.

A user with > 40 years of Computer experience. Maybe a true newbie can explain to me all of these…