About networks and TimeOut


I check every 10 seconds if a connection to a distant server machine is open. If System.Network.LookUpIPAddress(“DynamicDomain”) returns an IP address I know that access to the remote server is possible.

However, when I plug out the internet cable from the router in order to test how the application will react, I see that the LookUpIPAddress method looks for its result for more than half a minute.

The problem with this is that this operation seems to block the application and the whole operating system for awhile.

Is there a way to tell the method not to look up for more than 2 seconds for example?

Or is there a better way to check if access to the remote server is possible?

Thank you for any suggestions.

TCPSocket or HTTPSocket should give you more flexibility.

Payam is this app cross platform?

The app is built for Mac.