About myApp menu/window

since I do not use Windows so much, I’d like to know if in Windows 10 the “About myApp” menu is still used.
By “About myApp” menu I mean the menu that once selected shows (at least in the Mac) a window with a small app-icon, version and so on.
If such menu is still in use, where do I find it? Because opening Edge, WordPad and other apps I cannot find it.
I guess it is no more needed. But I would appreciate some light on the matter.

Seems not all WIndows apps have an ABOUT anymore… Xojo does…

macOS has this under the far LEFT menu, Windows will have it under the far RIGHT menu

@Dave S [quote]Seems not all WIndows apps have an ABOUT anymore… Xojo does…[/quote]

Fine. I’ll remove it.

Yes, it was under the far right (Help) menu that seems to have disappeared too in place of an icon.

Thank you.

Most Windows applications will still have this information somewhere. For example, Edge has it at the bottom of the Settings panel.
But the Microsoft Style Police will not be called out if you don’t make the information available.
It’s your application, your choice :slight_smile:
Personally I would have it somewhere.