Cut and past of object between projects is still really iffy!

/ Rant

Sorry. Just needed to vent.

oh no… that’s not good.

I am finding that using the contextual menus is more reliable than the keyboard shortcuts.

As we do not currently have a beta, maybe this conversation should be in the ‘General’ channel?

The only reliable method is to right click. And for paste you need to make sure you have the object you want to paste into selected first. It’s really easy to mess things up depending on what you’ve got selected when pasting.

And I never, ever, use the Duplicate command via keyboard. Very bad things seem to happen. Again, right click to the rescue.

Also: please use a title for your topic that tells us what this is about. Titles such as “help”, “Mac” or “damn” are not helpful in this regard. (And this goes for 80% of other thread posters here, too).

(That’s my part I had to vent about :slight_smile: )

You are aloud to say “aaarg” today - though some might prefer “yarr”. I just learned it is talk like a pirate day - and the topic title caught my attention just after I learned that lovely little fact.

It is that way on every copy/paste attempt I have made - Win7… Even in the editor, just to copy a line, or part of a line within a method has unpredictable results.

Yep, and the Enter key on the numerical key pad still doesn’t work in the properties window. Bummer these things get overlooked.


It took me a while to figure out why even in places I knew Copy and Paste worked, it wasn’t. It was because while you can copy almost anything to be able to paste it properly uou need to have the object you’re pasting it into selected. The IDE at this stage doesn’t seem capable of extrapolating the “current object” from whatever you have selected as a target for the paste.