A window won't show in Linux but does in Windows and MacOS

Hey All,

I have an app that works find in MacOS, Windows and Linux. I’ve just recently tried to add a window that pops up for a few seconds telling the user that it’s processing and loading…

The window pops up just fine in MacOS and Windows. In Linux it never becomes visible. It processes the stuff that’s going on behind the scenes ok. It’s just the window that won’t show.

As I was troubleshooting, I put a MessageBox(“Test”) right after the line that should display the window, and it stops at that point and the window shows. However, it won’t continue until I click Ok on the MessageBox and then it continues processing after that.

If I can find a solution, I could put it in a TargetLinux if then statement to deal with the special case…what ever that happens to be.

If it matters, this is the first windows that the App would show.

Anyone seen this?

Please show the code you use to display that pop up window and sate Linux distribution and version and Xojo version

Folks here need this information to helo you !

Then it should be set as the Main window in your App settings. All the processing should be done in this window. When it’s done, display your normal window.

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I bet this is the problem. I will check that out! Thanks.

I thought that might be it. If you are talking about setting the default window before building, I tried that and it made no difference. The program continues to run normally after that.

Linux Mint 20.2


This means you have code in the window, probably Window.Opening, that is blocking the UI. Put that code in a Timer or a Thread.

I’ve been trying all sorts of things. Currently, there is no code in the window. I haven’t even added event handlers to it. What confuses me, is that it works just fine in MacOS and Windows. The idea is just to notify the user that processing is taking place and then it disappears after that processing has been completed. That code is in a method under the section.

So the question is, if I put the code in a timer or thread, will it affect Windows and MacOS? .I’m guessing not.

That processing should be in a Timer or Thread in the window. It is currently interfering with the UI and causing the window to not appear.

Also, make that window the Main window in the IDE, for all platforms.