A Thank you to all people at Xojo, Inc.

Thank you for providing us with Xojo, the lighthouse which saves noobs from getting lost in the vast ocean of programming, and puts them on the right track for learning.

Also thanks for the marvelous Xojo docs, with its superb examples and descriptions for every class/method/property it leaves no confusion, even for the dummiest of dummies. I wish all languages had docs written so superb like Xojo.

Before meeting Xojo, I tried to learn Java and found it very overwhelming, and finally gave-up.
But now that Xojo enlightened my understanding of programming concepts, I’m learning Java like it was a forgotten native language of mine.
I’m learning Java for Android programming, and will use Xojo for all my desktop needs.

I always prescribe Xojo to any lost soul who wants to give programming a try.
Xojo is without doubt the best language for beginners, while at the same time, under that gentle and simple syntax, it packs a lot of power and capabilities.
Most newbies are eager to produce GUI apps, and by beginning with languages like Python or Ruby, soon they get bored or totally give up when they realize the complications/limitations involved in making desktop GUI apps with those languages.

Thank you for making Xojo, the next best thing I met after my spouse.