A question about controls on webtoolbars

I have a webContainer on my WebToolBar.
That webContainer has a few WebCheckBoxes on them.
How do I get the state of those check boxes?
Or must I trap an even in the event handler and set a property?


[code] Dim p As Pair

p = ContainerControl11.RadioGroup1.SelectedCell
Select Case p.Left
Case 0
MsgBox(“You clicked the first button.”)
Case 1
MsgBox(“You clicked the second button.”)
End Select[/code]

See http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/WebRadioGroup.SelectedCell

This make no sense.
Can some one show me a WebToolBar Example with a group of checkboxes on it and how they are accessed?

Maybe the very first example here : http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/Webcheckbox

The fact that a checkbox is or not on a WebToolBar changes absolutely nothing.

Check the WebToolBar.ItemAtIndex to see if it is a WebToolbarContainer then check if the container property on that WebToolbarContainer is of your checkbox container type:

If Me.ItemAtIndex(i) IsA WebToolbarContainer then
 dim myWebToolBarContainer = WebToolbarContainer(me.ItemAtIndex(i))
 if myWebToolBarContainer.Container isA MyCustomContainerNameHere then
    dim myCheckBoxContainer = myCheckBoxContainer(myWebToolBarContainer.Container)
    if myCheckBoxContainer.checkbox1.value = true then
      //do something

The trick is you have to use “isA” and then “caste” both on the WebToolBar.ItemAtIndex and the WebToolbarContainer.Container property.

Thanks, Brock. That is exactly what I needed.
Thanks all.