a programming puzzle : Graphics

I have a need to present a static display of a 2d array of string data in a display that mimics the look of the UIPickerView in iOS
this is for a DESKTOP (mac/win) application.


  • a 2D string array (usually less/equal to 13 rows, and usually not more than 9 columns)
  • a Width and Height value to describe the size of the graphics image to be produced
  • a 1D integer array indicated the “selected” value for each column


  • a PICTURE object that shows the string data in the same format as a UIPICKERVIEW with each column “centered” on the value in the 1D array
  • this would be a STATIC picture only, there is not desire to create an “active” control with mouse events etc)
  • it needs to be as accurate to what an iOS device would show as possible (fontsizes vary etc, curvature of text etc.).