A plea for unit testing

Bravo to Xojo folks for getting 2021R1 released, it’s got a lot of great new features and bug fixes (some of which are very important to me).

But, it also appears to have some regressions in basic features, some of which I think would have been caught by unit testing and therefore should not have slipped through.

Example: JSONItem.Value() seems broken 2021 R1 no longer updates JSONItem values

It is my impression that Xojo has very little (or no) unit testing.

Maybe Xojo could think about adding this? It would be a great feature to use in-house, and also for end users. Some programming languages have built-in high level support for unit testing…


We do have unit testing. There just wasn’t a test for this.


Yet. :slight_smile:

I see the joke here. :wink:


Well, the bug was that you got a copy of the data, not the reference.
This is quickly fixed.

If it was in MBS then it would have been fixed yesterday … :roll_eyes: