A little help with Bootstrap

Hi there,

I would like to use bootrap in my project and looked at some example themes. I would like to use the Pulse theme in my project, but specifically the purple layout from the example: there is purple, black and gray colorscheme for the navbar for example:

When I drop the bootstrap.min.css file in the navigator and run my project I see that the gray colorscheme is used for my webToolbar.

My question is how I can switch to the purple color scheme?

Appreciate your answers!


Hi Jacco, change the “Indicator” of that control to “Primary”:

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Wow, that simple Ricardo, thank you very much you made my day:-)

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Sorry to bother again @Ricardo_Cruz: how about the weblistbox? This one still looks like the default template. What is the way to change that? I feel a bit stupid about this, isn’t this documented somewhere?

We’ve added support to WebListBox.Indicator recently. I’ll create a new Issue for allowing to change it directly from the IDE but, in the meantime, you can change it from the Opening event.

Add an event handler for Opening in your WebListBox with this code:

Me.Indicator = WebUIControl.Indicators.Primary

Edit: Issue #75185 - Allow to change WebListBox.Indicator from the inspector