a file system error occurred (#12) for "XojoGUIFramework64.so".

Currently running Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia and have successfully installed Xojo 2018 r4. I am able to launch Xojo; however, if I try to run or build a test app or sample project, I get the following error:

any idea how to fix?

To give an update, I installed the latest Xojo 2019 r3, and that seem to allow to run applications fine. Going back to 2018r4, I did load in all of the MBS plugins in which I decided to remove from the plugin folder. After relaunching 2018r4, I was ale to run and build applications.

Given that there is 40 something MBS plugins, I decided to load in a few of the plugins at a time and then test. For the most part this method did work where I can see how Xojo responded and then could either add or remove mbs plugins. Anywho, I am running again.

On a Linux system, that can happen when the file’s “Text Busy” flag is set - even if the file is not in use. Had you rebooted the system after you witnessed the original error?

Hey Tim,

I did not try rebooting; however, what you are mentioning does make sense.

When I get home tonight, I will give it a go.

thanks Tim!