A distribution profile is required when building for the app store

When I try to build I get this error see screenshot


but both of my distrib and dev certificate are in xcode see screenshot here


I have no idea what to do tks for the help !

If you’re building for iOS I’ve found that specific app provisioning profiles don’t work. Use a generic wildcard profile instead. “*”

Some troubleshooting suggestions are here:

Hello Paul,

I followed the above steps using a wildcard profile and this time I was able to build and test it on my Iphone which I could’t do before but, so no error on build but as soon as I turn on build for the app store I get the same error:

A distribution profile is required when building for the app store.

I have tried so many things I dont know what it could be !!

all my cert appear correctly in Xcode I dont get it
tks for the help

FWIW I never was able to use a wildcard.

Unfortunately there is no quick solution that I know of. StackOverflow has many, many posts on this exact issue for people also using Xcode. It is frustrating, but only Apple can make the process better.

Sometimes the only thing you can do is revoke and remove everything and start again.

Hello Paul,

I restarted all my certificate from the start including IOS dev and IOS Distrib, the certificate for the app itself also and this time it worked ! tks for the tip