A development profile is required when building an iOS application.

HI everyone,

I am getting the “A development profile is required when building an iOS application.” error every time I try to compile iOS application.

I am trying to compile an application for ad-hoc distribution. I want to test it. I did everything in the guide about setting up the ad-hoc and I was getting the above error. So, I installed Xamarin, created a small solution and tested and I was getting the same error (different wording, same reason). I went through the Xamarin how to and installed all the things in development portal and Xcode (no touching of Xamarin studio involved) and now Xamarin is building successfully, but I am still getting the error with Xojo. It tells me that the problem is not with Mac, but something specific for Xojo.

The application was built with 2015 2 (no compile license), and when I was happy that Xojo can produce the apps I needed, I decided to purchase a license. I tried compiling, and got the error, which prompted me to upgrade to 2015 2.2 hoping it would fix the issue, it did not. I would say that I am happy to send theproject to anyone willing to have a look, but the error occurs if I do nothing but create a new project and change the team to my Apple ID.

by “Apple ID” do you mean your AppleID as in what you use to buy music and apps with?
or your “Apple Developer Certificate” that you paid $99 to Apple for?

You need to sign the app with a valid Apple Developer Certificate in order to be able to deploy it. This is a requirement of Apple and not of XOJO.

And if you do have an Apple Dev Certificate, it may be that you have not instructed your XOJO install about it correctly.

Check the other thread about this where I responded to you.