A bug that can't be fixed?

On Monday, I started working on a new web project. Three days later, I went to compile it, but the Build button was grayed out. I checked my license and found it expired last month. Closed the app and reopened in Xojo 2021r1.1, my last version before expiration. Build icon still grayed out. Opened a new web app, added a few controls to a page. Saved, ran in debugger, but Build icon still grayed out. Opened an app that was created before the expiration and Build app icon was not grayed out. Xojo has either changed their policy that it can continue to be used after license expiration or this is a bug. I reported it in 65485.

My problem is that even if this bug is fixed in the next release, I won’t be able to get it without renewing my license. Hence an unfixable bug for the customer. At 78 years old with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, I had not been planning to renew, but I might have to if I can’t find a workaround.

The first thing to check when the Build button is disabled is that you have an appropriate build target selected. For instance, if you have only Xojo Cloud selected as the build target at the bottom of the project navigator, but don’t have a Xojo Cloud account, you will be unable to build.


I’d say Anthony is right. New web projects only have Xojo Cloud selected (so Build is disabled), but your older project likely has another target selected allowing Build to be enabled with a valid license.


I deleted my suggestion after reading your case more closely. The answers given above are likely correct. All I can offer are my prayers.