8 Reasons Why SQLite Rocks ?

Did you read this article ?

6. It is updated often.

There 3.8.7, they announce Performance Enhancements for this new version (20.3%) !

you can always use MBS SQL Plugin and latest dylib/dll/so file.

How about making a feature request for an update?

Also, Xojo uses a SQLite cipher engine that is licensed from a 3rd-party. There is no guarantee that the current cipher will work with any new release… which equates to a longer wait for implementation on any release until they update/test it.

As far as I know Xojo uses SQLite’s 1st party (commercial) encryption extension.

But its not always in lock step with the Sqlite version so there can be times when Sqlite is updated but the encryption hasn’t been and we have to wait to update until it is

<https://xojo.com/issue/36218> update sqlite to 3.8.7

Thanks Norman!

I thought they used Dr. Hipp’s ciphering engine. I could be wrong…

You are correct.

Frederick do it.

I was not willing to annoy anyone, but when I see a speed improve like what they said in their docs, I feel the urge to share the information.

And, of course, I do not know the in and out that may lead to decide if a feature request for a SQLite new version IS VALID or not; only a bunch of Xojo people can know (so, not me).

Just moved it up the ranks by 127 places.

Don’t forget to add it to your top cases :wink:

Norman did it. I just provided a link and thanked him for creating the Feedback case.

This is probably not necessary but I did the same. It is now ranked 70th.