70000 functions for Xojo

Did you recently look at our statistics page for the MBS Xojo Plugins?

We just realized that our next version 20.2 will ship with 70,000 items in the documentation. That is new record. We reached 60,000 in March 2018, which leads to about 10000 new items in about 2 years.

The list of classes extended and now includes over 2700 classes.

Main drivers of recent additions are:

Keep an eye on the 20.2 release, which will be announced tomorrow.

Congratulations Christian and Stefanie with this rapidly reached milestone.
However, as many functions as possible should not be a target in itself. Quality, usability and documentation are even more important is my humble opinion.
You guys play an important role for Xojo and fFlemaker developers. Most of us wouldn’t be able to reach their goals without MBS-plugins, filling the gabs which not or not well enough covered by the platforms itself… An indispensable extension.

The goal is not to have as many function as possible.
But to help the people who come to us and ask for help.

MBS rocks!

At least once a year MBS saves my bacon when I find crash bugs in Xojo where the MBS plugin has workaround in hours!

Christian added the NSWorkspace accessibility properties this release for me :slight_smile:
The plugin set is super useful and save so much time.

Many of my Projects weren’t possible without Christians Plugins. A BIG THANK YOU to Christian and all of his Team! :slight_smile:

Thanks. You are welcome.