7 months until XDC London

It’s been a while since I posted an XDC update - and I have been hearing from many people who are hopeful we can have our in-person conference in London this October - I wanted to share that we are excited and optimistic as well! Like many of you, we are ready for another Xojo event and cannot believe it will be over 2 years since we had our last conference in Miami, FL. At this time, things are proceeding as planned and we do have several contingency plans should we need to make adjustments.

We have 44 people registered right now from 12 countries: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States and the UK.

The reservations link for the hotel (and other info) is here. You don’t have to stay at the conference hotel, but it’s encouraged. Anyone who has ever come to XDC before knows one of the main benefits is the hallway talk, and a lot of that happens all around the hotel - in the lobby, various meetings spaces and the bar… so staying onsite is a great way to maximize your experience.

The call for speakers will be opening very soon… so be on the lookout for that announcement! Besides the fame, speakers get a 50% discount on their registration. The early registration price of $750 is still available and of course if for some reason we have to cancel, you’ll get a full refund.

So, will we see you there? Let us know if you’re thinking about joining!


Miami XDC seems like so long ago! I cannot wait to get together again! I am keeping my fingers crossed for vaccine rollouts and lifted travel restrictions and drinking beer with adults in London!


Great progress.
We hope the travel restrictions are lowered over the summer and we all have vaccine to not catch it on the trip.


Indeed. How little did we know that life was going to get upended in so many ways. I don’t think I’ll be attending but you never know.

Really hoping I can get to this. Fingers crossed the Government don’t screw the opening of the U.K. up - the track record has not been great so far.

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wish I could join but as a “non professional” programmer I cannot recoup investment or in plain terms pay for such a trip
I look forward to the videos (hopefully) of the event

Just a reminder EU/EEA/CH citizens, you need a passport to enter the UK from the first of October. European ID cards will no longer be acceptable.


3 more XDC registrations just came in!

The call for speakers will go out in a few weeks so if you’re interested in speaking please start thinking about topics :slight_smile: