64bit fails to build

My first attempt to build with 64-bit after renewing my license resulted in the following error message…
This project could not be built because a plugin it depends on does not support intel processors. The plugin “RBScript.xojo_plugin:0” does not have a Mach-O x86-64 part.
I have no such plugin installed in the plugins folder, nor do I use any RBscript in this project.
What can I do to get my project to compile?

You are probably referencing RBScript/XojoScript somewhere in the project- do a search and remove those.

Found several references to an FTRBScript within the Formatted Text from Keeney Software. Removed that module form the FTC and now the error reads TextInputCanvas.xojo_plugin which I DO have. Now I remember Bob telling me that there was not a 64 bit version of the TextInputCanvas yet. Damn! Guess I wasted my money upgrading. My project relies too heavily on the FTC to remove it completely.

90 day money back guarantee expired?

you may not want to ship an app with a beta compiler anyway.

No, Markus. thinking about that.
Christian, good point! I shall remain 32-bit for the time being.

please still test 64-bit and report any problem with feedback app.

I would love to test my app with the 64 bit compiler to verify plugin compatibility and see how much (if any) speed improvement I would get before I invest in an upgrade.

But since Xojo doesn’t support RUNning 64 bit apps yet it unfortunately takes a current license to investigate 64 bit mode and report issues.

Personally, I would not ship any app with a compiler of any bit type marked ‘Beta’. Just common sense, IMHO.

Cocoa has been “beta” for years. Yet it performed quite adequately.

Cocoa hasn’t been beta since 2013.

I may be wrong, but I think it appeared in 2007 as beta and stayed so for quite a while. Thankfully, it did indeed reach adulthood in 2013.

You’re misstaken
Cocoa was not released as beta until 2010

[quote=230683:@Norman Palardy]You’re misstaken
Cocoa was not released as beta until 2010[/quote]

OK. Memory bad. Sorry. So it stayed beta for two to three years. It never prevented producing good apps.