64-Bit Linux Mint Failure

Testing my app in Linux Mint (version 18 I think) 64-bit and when I open one of the windows in my app I get this error:
(MyApp:3782): Gdk-CRITICAL **: IA__gdk_gc_set_ts_origin: assertion ‘GDK_IS_GC (gc)’ failed

Anyone else seen this?

The only 3rd party control I’m using on that window is the Einhugur TimeControl 6.0 (which is the latest). Everything else is standard Xojo controls.

Are you using an HTMLViewer? That error seems commonly associated with WebKit on Linux.

Not on that window.

A day in the Life of Xojo on Linux. Be sure to report it. I’ve seen a lot of different GDK/GTK/GLib console messages like this and they don’t appear to affect my apps that I can determine.

Not sure what’s causing it. That window in a separate project works with no issues. A lot of things are stripped out so it’s hard to say what the real cause is.

Noticed that the theming for buttons has the caption even lower than the old version which makes it completely unusable for my purposes any way. Hopefully something can be done about that.

each theme could, in theory, have a different default font and size
and that means controls can (and often do) have a different “preferred height” which is no longer what it once was - yay !
about the only way to work around it is to set a specific font & size on linux where “system 0” wont cut it because of this