64-bit IDE

I know that Apple will no longer allow 32-bit apps to run in macOS 10.14 and I see that Xojo is still 32-bit only for the IDE that is. Will a 64-bit version of Xojo be ready for release by Oct 2018? Is it being worked on? Just wondering.

You missed to read the reports from XDC keynote.
They work on it.

And Xojo had no specific required deadline for the IDE to be 64bit as they are not a MAS product

But I’m guessing that now that they do, they will spend more time on it. Right?

Now that they “do what”… THEY HAVE NO SPECIFIC REQUIRED DEADLINE.… they can release a 64bit IDE when they please.
this has no impact on a 64bit COMPILER

We did announce at XDC 2016 that we are working on a 64-bit IDE.

All that Apple has officially said at this point is that starting in early 2018, new 32-bit apps will not be allowed in the Mac App Store and updates to existing apps in the Mac App Store must be 64-bit by June 2018. Xojo is not in the Mac App Store so this is not relevant to us. Reference.

From that same article, the claim is that 10.14 will “aggressively warn” about 32-bit apps but phasing them out is left ambiguous as to when that might happen (I think it implies it would not be 10.14, however). Regardless, the writing is on the wall there if you read the tea leaves, to mix my metaphors.

They do have a deadline as macOS 10.14 will NOT run ANY 32-bit apps. Xojo in it’s current state will not run in macOS 10.14.

EDIT: That article is referring to 10.13 High Sierra. They did say that come 10.14 no 32-bit apps will run.

I should have went directly to the source (WWDC 2017 Platform State of the Union transcript) rather than a badly worded MacRumors recap.

[quote]And with that, it’s now time to turn our attention to doing the same with macOS.
The transition to 64-bit-only Mac apps is going to take place very similarly to how we handled it on iOS. Most importantly, High Sierra is going to be the last macOS release to fully support 32-bit apps without compromises. In the next major release after High Sierra, you’re going to aggressively start warning users if apps are not compatible for 64-bit. You’re updating the Mac App Store rules accordingly.
In about six months, you’ll require that all new apps submitted to the Mac App Store will be 64-bit capable and, in a year from now, will require all new apps and updates to existing apps to be 64-bit only when submitted to the Mac App Store.[/quote]

To me, “aggressively start warning users if apps are not compatible for 64-bit” does not mean “will not work”.

In the video that about 3:20 to 4:30 where he discusses the transition for macOS

I asked our Apple liaison and he replied:

… while the release following High Sierra will warn the user every time that they start a 32bit app - or an app that contains 32bit sub-components, they will continue to run. The 64bit-only restriction only applies to applications sold through the Mac App Store.

Weird world we live in. Charles Fasano posts something without any reference or documentation and it takes 10-15 posts to counter it and show it was a false statement - even after he reiterates his post, again without any documentation or reference (strange, seemed to be the perfect time to do so).

In the old days, writers who put their knowledge to print had to be 120% positive about what they were reporting, or if their opinions were clear, concise, and accurate. I sure like the prevalent information of the Web, but I sure hate the disinformation part of it. It might even be the death of us all.

Please, all, be sure about what you report before you report it. And thanks for all the persons here who took the time to correct Charles.

Cool, good to hear we can still run old-timer 32bit apps like Xojo on macOS 10.14