61849 - Xojo does not report errors in plugin declaration on Windows

Feedback Case Number: 61849

I found an inconsistency in the compiler between Mac and Windows.
On MacOS the IDE reports a duplicate class registration in a plugin.
But for Windows it doesn’t and just complains about a missing type.

There are tons of ways to get plugin declarations wrong and we usually catch them.
But there are probably 10 cases in feedback related to classes not seen by compiler, but auto complete and it may be a bad declaration, e.g. reference missing.

It’s easy to show. Drop in AVFoundation plugin from us without other plugins.
Write a line
dim a as AVPlayerMBS

and run.

On Windows, the classes are in Auto complete, but ignored by compiler:

on macOS you get a ton of errors:

Something is really broken in error reporting.
@Geoff_Perlman, please schedule this soon for fixing.

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