47609 - Web App - Event Handler to Set Feedback Control Properties Before Round Trip

Just created a Feature Request <https://xojo.com/issue/47609> to replace the Feature Request discussed here: 47404 - Web App - Add running JavaScript before Event Handler or Method - Web - Xojo Programming Forum

The concept is very similar, but the developer would not need to write javascript code.

Feature Request details:

[quote]This article about Single Page Apps discusses how user feedback is incredibly important:

From the article:

Xojo Web Apps have this problem when latency is high. The user does not have an indication that the code is running during the round trip to the server with the exception of WebButtons being able to AutoDisable themselves. While it’s possible for an Event Handler to call a method to change control properties and then running a WebThread, there can be a delay in the user seeing the change to the control properties.

In the Thread: 47404 - Web App - Add running JavaScript before Event Handler or Method - Web - Xojo Programming Forum, Greg O’Lone suggested the idea that there are only few control properties would be needed to provide feedback to the user that code is running before the round trip to the server similar to a WebButton AutoDisable property:

  • Enable/Disable a control
  • Show/Hide a control
  • Apply a style
  • Set the Position of a control relative to another control ( added by Hal Gumbert )

One way to achieve this is that the Event Handler Inspector could have a list of Feedback Controls where one or many controls can set one or many of those properties. When the Event Hander triggers, the Feedback Controls Properties would be set before the Round Trip. The developer would handle setting the Feedback Controls properties to the desired settings within the Event Handler code.[/quote]

Wow! The feedback case is already ranked 43rd!

This feature will make Xojo Web development extremely close to perfect.

I put it in my top cases +1

This was never implemented?

Are there any option to AutoDisable a WebListBox on a CellClick ?

Not that I know of, but I moved Xanadu to Xojo + Aloe and in the process of moving to PHP. Maybe Xojo Web Framework 2.0 will fix this issue?


:frowning: Well, this is a big issue. Now that I want to do some real world web apps, it looks like that this is another half baked product. And I guess it is pointless to file another FC.

I don’t want to be all negative as some bugs have been fixed like <https://xojo.com/issue/46463>, <https://xojo.com/issue/42891>, and <https://xojo.com/issue/39341>.

That said, it’s incredibly frustrating when you’re tying to get work done and have to spend time not only dealing with my own bugs and bugs like <https://xojo.com/issue/45691> which does not show it’s fixed.

When I found those bugs, I wondered if anyone really used the Web Framework 1.0. At one point, I felt I HAD TO rewrite a Web App that was in produciton to use Xojo + Aloe just to get around all bugs. :frowning:

I make a very good living using real world web apps in Xojo.

Like any other development environment there are certain shortcomings…But to call the thing “half-baked” –– Well I have a few thousand daily users on my web applications that would beg to differ.

That one is a royal pain in the ass.

Well, certainly you can produce a web app with the half baked part :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a fact that it lacks some really basic features and have some nasty bugs. Requests and reports filed, some with more than 4 years ago, having to hack sometimes, that is the half missing.