404 in Web application

Hi team

Xojo 2024r1 with Safari on MacOSX.

I’m looking to resolve a 404 error on a Web application. It is for:

It’s occurring on every page in the app, even an empty test page.
I’ve also commented out the Opening Event code for App and Session without luck.

Not sure how to follow this up.
Any suggestions?

What you’re looking at is the last request that a browser makes just as the user redirects away from your app. It’s a last-ditch attempt to fire an event on the session.

Where is it that you are seeing the 404 error occur?

FWIW, the browser would show a 404 error if the app goes away before the browser has a chance to disconnect. I see you’re running locally, so if this is a debug run, it’d be when you stop debugging. In that case, it’s safe to ignore.

Thanks Greg!

That makes sense, I’m happy you were able to clarify that for me.

Appreciate it!