404 and other special pages

I have reviewed the docs/documentation.xojo.com and I have not found the answer. and I have to warn you I am a complete n00b to WebEdition. I spents many hours tracking down why I was getting a 404 page when I was processing the web request… came down to a missing “return true”. feel like an id10t right now.

but my current question is how do you do a custom 404 page? or other special pages.


I don’t think the ability to reference custom error pages is currently an implemented feature, at least at the moment (although it’s been requested before).

Isn’t that usually handled with a htaccess file?

do you have feedback case #s? i couldnt find the cases.

That would usually be the case if they were handled by your server; however, all errors within the RealStudio/Xojo application are unfortunately handled by its own framework. Scott, I currently don’t. I just remember this being requested in the old forums (I don’t know about the feedback system). If it’s not in there, I would recommend it being added as a requested feature.

My knowledge about WebEdition is not that strong. But I do know if you make a cgi application, many web servers has the options to customize your error page, if Xojo’s cgi do parse the errors to server . But when you make a self contained web app with Xojo I’m not sure.

Link to apache custom error responses: Custom Error Responses - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4


I have customized 404 pages plus a load of others for my website, is it not possible (nOOb here as well) to capture the error and point to an existing 404 page then return back to the app?