40 minutes difference between Xojo and Finder time files

I am facing a 40 minute time difference between Xojo f.CreationDate and Finder file info time. What’s going on?

Xojo version? MacOS version? ARM or Intel? Screenshot? How do you create the file?

Thanks for the quick response. Xojo 2020 2.1 (but issue is there for at least a year), Big Sur (was in Catalina as well), ARM (Intel as well :)). I have a simple rename app, any file dragged in the the app and f.ModificationDateTime.ToString shows a time 40 minutes off. Have to fix it using f.ModificationDateTime.AddInterval(0,0,0,0,40).ToString.

What timezone do you use on your system?

I seem to remember problems with different locale settings. So what locale do you use? I can’t reproduce the problem with macOS BS on ARM. Xojo 2020r2.1.

Region is Netherlands and Time Zone is Amsterdam. Don’t understand, disregarding time zone or region, that the finder shows a different time.

When I set timezone to New York: Finder and Xojo show same file info time.
When I set timezone to Amsterdam: Finder and Xojo show 40 minute difference in file info time.
When I set timezone to Moscow: Finder and Xojo show 1 hour difference in file info time.

And when you change the locale?

As a bright woman saying “seem to remember” I presume this bug is there for a long time :slight_smile:

Problem is the timezone…

Grin… the brain isn’t what it was. I seem to remember some bugs showing up only for some locales. Wasn’t there a bug with Xojo crashing when the time was set to am/pm instead of 24 hours?

As this timezone bug is not fixed/going to be fixed, any suggestions to create a fix? Test all time zones and correct all individually?

The MBS plugins have functions to retrieve the file date/time.

Can you check the debugger what the timezone of the file datetime is?

I’m not really sure if any previous timezone bug is your bug. It’s always your job to create a Feedback case.

True. Looking into it.

I’ve tested it with the binarystream example project it seems it’s an actual bug. On my macos it’s 40 minuts too (Europe/Amsterdam timezone). dates never match.

Checked ModificationDate (deprecated) and ModificationDateTime both have the same issue.
CreationDate (deprecated) and CreationDateTime are both wrong too.

On windows everything seems to be fine.

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I hope Xojo is able to show the correct creation time of a file without a plugin.


Just checked and the timezone of the file is the my timezone. (its a textedit file just created). Setting the timezone explicitly did not solve the issue.

I’ve checked it, it’s a bug. On windows the explorer updates later (not instantly) but on mac the values are all wrong for all files. Just noticed it. Not sure if this is xojo’s problem or a system-wide issue on macos