@3x in Xojo Desktop and Xcode too.

Ok… I know that iPhone/iPad support @1x , @2x and @3x depending on the device, and Xojo has a place to manage all 3 sizes…

But my curiosity is why is there @3x on the desktop side?
at first I just figured it was there as a side effect from the iOS code in Xojo and it was easier to leave it than to block it on the desktop screens.

But in playing with Xcode, Apple has all 3 sizes in their desktop XCAssets screen… and the Contents.json file has slots for it too.

Anybody have an idea why this might be there? I can’t see that it would be of any use, since as far as I know there are no @3x support in macOS (just @1x and @2x)

Could it be for windows hidpi support. You can scale the screen to 300%.

Except Xcode has it as well, and Xcode has no use in Windows…

Turns out in Xcode… .for a DESKTOP application, the assets catalog has ALL of the possible sizes available, even iPhone, iWatch , AppleTV and Carplay…

Maybe shared source? Edit: Or what you said

Yet :slight_smile:

Watch this space, er picture, … graphic - whatever! :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that if you include a 3x image and then you draw the picture > 200% the 3x image will be used to help keep your drawing crisp.

This I did not know