3rd Party Mac Developer Application certificate is not trusted

I just generated a new certificate in the Apple developer account. I download and install by double click as recommended, yet, that brand new certificate from Apple is not trusted.

Could it be that I do that on a Mac Mini M1 under Monterey ?

I will appreciate any insight.

Make sure the cert has both the public and private portions of the key and that you have updated versions of the intermediate certificates from apple.

Try using the “Code Signing diagnostics” feature of App Wrapper. The option is on the “App Wrapper” menu.

I had installed XCode recently, so I believed the intermediate certificate were good.

I just reinstalled them, and seemed to work as expected, but it seems the private key is missing.

Alright. After downloading all certificates again, they show their private key :slight_smile:
Thank you Greg, and Sam :slight_smile:

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