32 bit to 64 bit compiling guide?

Hi all,

I just bought the upgrade of the desktop version and now Xojo supports 64 bit I would like to compile my old 32bit to the new 64bit architecture.

What is the best approach because I use in this project a lot of plugins (many of MSB) . My compilation says linking but the 64 bit application is not build.
I can also not test run the application in 64 bit (only compiling) and I have to do the testing in 32bit. (this is also when I start with a new project in the latest xojo 3.1 release.

Does any one have a best practice guide in compiling/converting to 64 bit?

-Does anyone know a direction where to look for if my 32bit app is not compiling to 64 bit (it will display the linking screen) and stops there. No 64bit app is build.

Would love to compile my 32 bit application to the 64 bit and I don’t know why I cant compile now to 64

Hope someone can help me out.
Many thanks!

You know you must get the 64 bit version of the plugins Christian released, right ?

Hi Michel!

Ah great have not installed that yet. One import question remaining: do I need to update ALL my plugins (redownload them ask the developer for its support for 64 bit?
I am using some more from different developers.

Any plugin that is not 64 bit will not work. The developer websites should say when the plugin is 64 bit, as I’m sure it’s a selling point now.

As for:

This is known. It was declared in the release notes. At this time 64 bit is “beta.” Build with lots of logging because you can’t run/debug 64 bit yet.

Thank you Tim and Michel. I have been out the Xojo development 64 bit news/developments, thank you for the updates.

check the 64-bit guidelines:

Thanks my app also uses xojoscript so I think this is also not supported yet?
I think I will have to maintain two projects now 32bit for the stable support and 64bit experimental but gain some knowlegde about it already.

What are the benefits of 64bit because the 32bit are stated as smaller sizes? What are in theory the benefits of 64bit, faster? And what happens actually in practise? Do people notice the difference?

From the 64-bit Guidelines: