32 bit OCX in 64 bit Xojo IDE no can do?

I think I know the answer but just be sure. I’ve tried with dummy projects to add an OLE Container to a window
and right click the container and select the Choose ActiveX Control… and nothing. None of the OCX I’m looking for
appear in the list. Same thing if I try Insert, ActiveX Component… As the title says 32 bit OCX in 64 bit IDE. Windows 7 SP1 if anyone is wondering.

I guess this is similar to those developers with 32 bit only Plugins (no 64 bit ability) - not going to work.

So 32 bit OCXs are a no go in 2017r3 and later releases? Time to go 64 bit.


Havent found any pressing need to build 64bit Windows apps yet.
32bit ones work fine, and Microsoft arent as limiting as Apple in this regard

Right. The 64-bit IDE cannot access 32-bit stuff such as OCX, ActiveX, DLLs, etc.