2024r1 java error

Hi all, I’m getting this error in 2024r1:- Android Compiler
Java 17 must be installed in order to compile Android apps.

I have android studio installed and I’ve tried installing Java17 but doesn’t fix it, should I install java 17 in a particular dir, or is there a special way to install it via android studio or something ?

Is android studio installed under C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\ or %localappdata%\Android\sdk\?

Hi Zack, it’s…

This was working with previous versions of xojo android, error only shows with latest download.

I may have run into a similar issue and setting the env variable for JAVA_HOME resolved it after installing JDK 17, I don’t remember exactly but I also created a junction at the path I mentioned because I did not install Android Studio to the default location.

Do you have the latest Android Studio installed? That is what should also do the Java 17 install.

Thanks Paul, that fixed it, I just removed the old version and installed latest android studio and its working now :slight_smile:

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I had the same problem on both Windows and Mac. In both operating systems I had to install the latest version of Andorid Studio (current 2023.2.1), do all the required updates of the Android Studio packages, and recreate a new Device google Pixel 8 Pro. Then it worked for me. I don’t know which of these operations unlocked Xojo, but that’s how I solved it.

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