2023r2 in MacOS quarantine

Just upgraded from 2023r1.1 to r2 because I need the fix for a database issue. Running Venture 13.4 on an iMac M1. When launching new version I am told that Xojo is in quarantine and I should be sure that Xojo was properly copied to Applications folder. I have been using Xojo for well over 20 years so I know how to copy to Applications.
Any ideas?

Delete it and try again.

Finder is supposed to remove the quarantine attributes.
Or use Terminal and run “xattr -cr /Applications/Xojo.app” command with the right path of Xojo app.

Some Xattr flags are now protected by SIP (Security Integrity Protection). Then it should help to copy the Xojo Folder to another volume. May check this nice Xattr tool:

Thanks for suggestion Christian but I get operation not permitted when I try Terminal even when using sudo.
I was reluctant to download again because my internet link is slow but I guess that is what I have to do.

Re-downloaded Xojo and the problem is no longer present.