2023R2 Clicking X on Linux desktop appp does not close end app

Hello all,

I just realized that clicking on the X in the top right of a desktop app does not close the app. It does close the window but the app itself stays alive.

How to properly close desktop app?


Do you have AllowAutoQuit set?

Hi Tim.
I had not tried that before, but have since I read your reply.

Currently I have this in the Open Event of the App.

AllowAutoQuit = True
App.AutoQuit = True

Should those commands be elsewhere?

That should do it. Do you have any windows that you called .Hide on? That would prevent your app from quitting until you closed them. In your main window Close event, check the WindowCount.

Hi Tim,

There’s only one window.

However, I did check

Dim i As Integer = App.WindowCount

The window count was 0.


Then it’s a bug.

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Add a call to Quit() in the main window Closing event.

Thanks everyone!