2023 R4 - Can’t run in the iOS Simulator unless you…

There are several threads with folks having simulator issues, where even running an new iOS project results in the errors below:

The issue started appearing for me in XOJO 2023 R4. It’s not an issue with XOJO 2023 R3.1 on the same machine—projects run perfectly.

Currently, the only way to get 2023 R4 to run apps on the iOS Simulator is to turn off the development team—set it to None.

Does this issue have a feedback yet?

In 2023R4, I don’t see this issue. I also don’t see the problem I previously had where I needed the Build For setting set to Development just to debug. I think they’re making progress, but you will likely need to open a case and provide as much information as you possibly can.

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Yes, @DerkJ created a ticket for this 75022: issues building and running iOS projects (simulator) No Identity found.

I’m having the same issue with “no identity found” and have the same workaround of setting signing to None for the simulator but needing to set to my actual identity to build on a device.

@John_Balestrieri I’d recommend signing onto this ticket and letting @Jason_Parsley know that you’re also impacted with whatever data you can provide to help him debug/fix.

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