2023 r1 Warning for GIT users

If you are using GIT be sure that your license keys are in order before you open any project data. (Check here).

If you do not, you will be forced to save the project in binary, that means completely overwriting every single method and your GIT repository. If you are a single user, this may not be so bad. But if you’re working in a team, this is going to guarantee code conflicts.

More than one of us here has been bitten by that bug


To clarify, if you lose your license, you can no longer save in Xojo Project or Xojo XML format (both text based formats).

Unfortunately, Xojo will let you open a Text or XML project and work on it, and when you go to Save it, you get prompted to save as a new Binary file, and at that point you are kind of screwed, as any editing changes you made will be lost.

@Jay_Menna : I don’t think you will accidentally wipe out your existing Text based files, is that what you are suggesting? In my experience the only risk is losing your edits since you opened the project.

I really wish Xojo had a better error message, something like this:

Warning: you are opening a Text-based project and your license doesn't support saving in Text based format. Either [Fix my license] or [Open in Read-only mode]

Edit to add: I don’t think this is specific to Git, it affects any Xojo developers using Text or XML based projects (which often used with Git, but may be used with Svn, Cornerstone/Svn, etc.)


@Jay_Menna - did you also update to macOS 13.3 yesterday or today? I read something similar yesterday about the macOS update doing this.

Note: I updated from 12.6.x to 13.3 yesterday and updated Xojo today and did not have any licensing issues so YMMV

No. I have not updated the OS.

This is a very good idea.


Feature request created. https://tracker.xojo.com/xojoinc/xojo/-/issues/72281


How do teams edit different pieces of Xojo code, exactly? Is there a way to export specific pieces of projects?

Thanks for helping me understand, as I’ve been solo DIYing my own apps and have never coded on a team with Xojo before.


Brief overview https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/how-to-use-git-and-github-in-a-team-like-a-pro/

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Right, I do understand all of that, but, a Xojo project file - from my direct experience - is a file that github does not show you the code for, and has to be edited in Xojo… how does a whole team collaborate that way? I would imagine that multiple people working on different segments of the app file would result in each person’s file having different code. How would a branch pull work then? That is what I am trying to figure out.

Everyone needs to close the Xojo project once in a while, Pull the changes from the server and reopen the project with the new changes.

You would use the Text project format, which is a text file for each project item, instead of the Binary project format, which is a single file.

See Project Types.


We use a SVN. Our Xojo modules are external and saved in a separate location to the application. The modules are shared between applications and application types (Desktop/web etc) and OS’s.

When modules are updated, you pull the latest versions and reload xojo.

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We use XML

It wasn’t long after Nashville (where I had the pleasure of meeting you) that I picked up a consulting client. This introduced me both to Git and a text-based project. :slight_smile:

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Nashville was awesome, so glad you picked up a consulting client, I picked up a client, too, and I am now directing the development of a game. I’m hoping it will be completed before summer starts.

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