2022R4.1 crashes under Ventura 13.1 on Mac Mini M1

When I launch 2022R41, the IDE crashes. After several trials, it finally works.


Is this something different from the “crashes while loading plugins” that has been chronic in Ventura?

It has been most prevalent while loading MBS Plugins, but that’s only because folks (like me :slight_smile: ) tend to load the whole set, which raises the odds.

Christian filed an issue with Apple. While they’ve not claimed to resolve it, I recall his saying that the behavior seems improved in the 13.2 beta.

Reviewing the crash log, this looks like the known issue with dlopen.

The current only known workaround is to use a more stable OS.


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I have installed Ventura 13.2 beta, and so far, no crash.


macOS 13.2 beta still crashes here. I am still not able to run Xojo on macOS13 (and I tried hard and many many times).