2022r3 Causes drastic white space changes in my projects

I just saved my currect project using 22r3 and now git is telling me that 65 files have changed (only one was by me). Digging into the diffs, the result is that almost every module/window has had changes that appear to be nothing but changes in the white space indent levels:

< 			WSplash.ProgressBar1.Visible = False
< 			WSplash.lSplashStatus.Visible = False
< 			WSplash.Show
< 			Return True
> 		  WSplash.ProgressBar1.Visible = False
> 		  WSplash.lSplashStatus.Visible = False
> 		  WSplash.Show
> 		  Return True

Surely there is a setting for ‘ignore white space’?

There was a long-standing bug in text projects where menu handler code did not save with indentation like the rest of the code does.

This was fixed in 68974, but it will show in file diffs until you get around to doing a commit.


Might want to make a public facing not about that.

I’m sure there is “if” you know that such a change is coming …

I dont use GIT, but I found this online, if it makes any sense ?

  • now there’s a shortcut git diff -w which is a shortcut for --ignore-all-space: Ignore whitespace when comparing lines. This ignores differences even if one line has whitespace where the other line has none.

That’s fine if that’s the problem. But the white space change noted is for code indents. Look at the example above.

< 			Return True
> 		  Return True

Those have differing space values. Why was this changed? Seems silly to affect EVERY single developer that uses git or subversion.

This is one place where I think the fix is not worth the problems is causes.


If you’re not working on large projects and using a version control system, then you wouldn’t see the issues that this change makes. For those of us who depend on a VCS to manage projects across updates, release generations, and experimental branching, it is going to be a real pain.


Perhaps if the indentation didn’t move for every line? I mean, if I’d only put in two lines of code, without any blocks, those lines didn’t have to be moved right?

I’m using Cornerstone v2, which uses subversion internally and it is not reporting any issues of whitespace. My Cornerstone prefs has “Show differences in whitespace” set.

Cornerstone has reported changes in over 200 project items for Xojo 2022r3. I didn’t change what the changes were.


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Try editing a window that has menu handlers defined. That’s where this is showing up.


Exactly - in my case, it was windows that had menu handlers.

They did. Previously the Menu Handler code was being indented 4 spaces and blocks were not otherwise indented at all.

Now the code is properly indented using the Xojo 2-space standard that is used everywhere else and code blocks are also now properly indented.

Yes, I’m seeing this now I come to look at one particular module under Cornerstone. Fortunately for me it’s all concentrated in one text file, so although there’s many changes it’s just the one file to skip through and check.

That’s not what I’m seeing. If I just have a single line containing the word Break, when I save, the indent changes.

Yes, I would expect the indent to change from 4 spaces to 2.