2022r1 - Windows installer not working

On all my Windows VM’s on 3 different machines, I get the same when trying to install Xojo 2022r1. I’ve switched Windows Defender off. Anyone else experiencing the same ?

I have installed 2022r1 a dozen times on various machines in the past week and I’ve not seen this. Still, I just deleted everything, downloaded a new copy and installed again and I don’t get any errors.

Perhaps you did actually get a corrupted download?

If anyone else is having this issue, please let us know.

Yes, I had so to see …
I took a checksum of my original download:
1DB7DBA2110756A046D5EC6D874A8100 *Xojo2022r1Setup.exe
I downloaded again and got
8953EBC7B833ECF2CA6C0B7892E5C886 *Xojo2022r1Setup.exe
which worked fine.
Happy again… and thanks Paul.

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