2021r3 on Mac

Converted my program to r3 IDE2.0. Took a bit of time, but nothing excessive. Recompiled and it ran OK. Most noticeable was the reduction in file size. Note below; The source code from my program v17.0 (built with Xojo 2021r2.1) to v18.0 (built with Xojo 2021.r3) is dramatic.

The compiled code from my v17.0 to v18.0 was up a bit - but performance seems the same with no problems.

I must honestly state that I was not looking forward to the change in the language, but all is well!

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The file size change of the project may be due to different way to store the images for icons. They are not stored as PNG, which seems to be much smaller.

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This change only happens when you change the super of Application to DesktopApplication because that makes the project otherwise backwards-incompatible.

I did still have a Method in the open event of my vertical slider someone wrote here in the forum vertical-slider-broken-under-macos-sierra. It use “NSProcessInfo”. As Xojo does not support Sierra anymore I can remove it.
But it took me some times to see the problem as my application crash just after the debugbuild, or it launch but nothing happened (event infinite loop).
I did a small project with a vertical slider :
I didn’t report a bug as I don’t know if Xojo is suppose to show the problem in the debugguer, or, if as we use Declare it should not.
If other people use Declare and have those kind of problem, it may be hard to find.
Note: I run Mojave.