2020r1 - responsive

Hi all,

I have not yet understood if the responsive pages are managed natively from Xojo Inc…
and how.

or is it postponed?

this is a very important feature.

here is an example of a responsive web 2 project.

thank you.

I have already seen it.
I thank Brock Nash for such an important contribution to the community.
but I am afraid to use it, because I’m afraid to lose control of it.
I ask if there is already a native management by Xojo Inc.

Too soon. I would refrain to use web2 1.0 for serious stuff a bit, while things are very immature and things are changing. Things made right now, using tricks, could potentially break (or be superseded by a native solution) in R1.1 or R2 or 3.


thank you Rick,
I agree with you.
but I would like Xojo Inc. to give news on this topic as well.
a modern web application needs to be responsive.
if it is not today, we need to know when it will be.
not that “one day” it will be. maybe.
but I’ve seen that Eddie’s Electronics demo now works on smartphones too.
I hope the EE project will be soon available and contains the native solution.

I guess they will use an adaptive solution, not a responsive model. I mean, browser detection, and different fixed layouts for different formats/sizes/orientations for this first series of releases.

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