2019r3 - License not found...

I’ve just downloaded and installed 2019r3 in macOS Catalina 10.15.2

Xojo tells me there is no license in this computer “Your account has no current license keys.”

I’ve log in in the Web, and my license is there and valid for long time, and this computer is registered as one of the three available.

Anyone seeing this? Ideas? Solution?

I’ve disabled Little Snitch “just in case” and tried again with same result.

I will look at your account and contact you about this.

Hi @JosMaraTerryJimnez

Did you tried to “unregister” and register again on the same computer? Maybe that makes it to work again.


What worked as Jason said me, was de-activating in my account and activating again in Xojo.

Thanks Jason and Javier!

Had the same problem on my desktop iMac. This worked. Don’t recall having this issue on my MacBook a few weeks ago. Oh well…I’m happy.