2019r3.2 code editor refuses to repsond to text input

Today Xojo 2019r3.2 on macOS 10.15.5 has started to show some weird behavior. In that the code editor simply ignores all input.

I can get it to come back sometimes by closing the tab I am working on, and re-opening it. Not always.
Sometimes I can only input code by restarting Xojo. Running the project, and it goes back to limp mode.
Sometimes I have to restart my Mac, then it comes back and I simply cannot enter any code any more.

Even showing the keyboard viewer and clicking on the keys doesn’t make it work.

Any suggestions?

I can still use the mouse to highlight text, but it shows using the deemphasizedHighlightColor.

I’ve checked activity monitor, it shows Xojo as being idle.

There are hundreds of lines like below logged to the system log.

11:27:13.048 Df **hidd** [145:2555] [com.apple.iohid:default] Connection added: IOHIDEventSystemConnection uuid:EDCB016D-8F9F-4219-8669-43E76651649D pid:406 process:Xojo type:Passive entitlements:0x0 caller:HIToolbox: _TISCopyAttachedKeyboardLanguages + 82 attributes:(null) state:0x0 events:0 mask:0x0

I have this sometimes in HighSierra, too. Safari also likes to go to “limp mode”. Usually, quitting and restarting the app fixes the problem temporarily. Try to delete the Finder preferences and force-quit Finder immediately afterwards.

I have just downloaded a fresh copy of Xojo 2019r3.2 and the same problem still occurs.

I also notice that there’s a bunch of the following messages logged.

12:02:36.767 Df **Xojo** [1148:614a] (IDEUtils.dylib) ignoring key bindings due to unknown OS version 12:02:36.769 Df **Xojo** [1148:614a] (IDEUtils.dylib) ignoring key bindings due to unknown OS version

Thanks, but I’m now consistently getting this when trying to debug my application.

  1. Write a couple of lines of code or modify a line.
  2. Run
  3. Restart Xojo because I can’t modify any code any more.

The messages about connecting and removing the HIDD show when Xojo is working. They don’t show when it is not.

I’ve also found that sometimes it will come back by switching between layout and code.

That’s way worse than my symptoms. Have you tried with another user?

It appears to be project related at the moment. I can create a new project and everything is working as expected.

I have this too sometimes, it seems to do with the project size, time and related to sleep/hibernate the system. Reproduction is not simple it just happens.

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Certainly project related, I have two projects open, one I can edit, the other I cannot. The one I cannot edit is the one I need to work on right now.

Edit: Okay, this seems to happen most with an external item. I’ve tried importing it to see if that makes any difference.

It happens to me with certain external Modules. I haven’t been able to fix it.

I seem to remember having this issue when I used external objects as well. Once I moved to the plain text format and started keeping shared files in a common location with their own GIT repos, I guess it stopped. Haven’t thought about it in a long time.