2019r3.2 and text project files - timestamps update when building?

We use TEXT as the default project format. This allows us to sync to a network repository using a program called Beyond Compare. One of the fastest syncing methods is to just compare the timestamps on our local drive with the timestamps on our network repository to determine if a project file was changed. We can then do a side by side comparison of the code to see exactly what changed.

However, when we upgraded to version 2019r3.2 (from 2019r1.1), we discovered that when we build a new version, every project file has its timestamp changed and this now makes it impossible to do the syncing that we have been using for more than a decade.

While our syncing software, Beyond Compare, allows you to do a binary comparison between files, this takes much, much, longer to review each file.

Is there some way to prevent XOJO from updating the timestamp on every project file when building new applications? In the past, it seems like the only ones that got their timestamp updated was when we actually edited and saved the file. Little by little this seems to have changed to the point that the timestamp means absolutely nothing and there is no rhyme or reason to the timestamp updating.

You should try using source control instead. Timestamps are unreliable when it comes to which version of the source is correct. Something like git will track changes instead of looking for unreliable timestamps.

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I’d second Tims recommendation
Version control will save you a ton of other headaches

That said I’m unable to get projects to alter every file when I alter some code / layout , then build and save